Les Solaires: all you need to do, is think differently about your life

Brothers and Sisters of always, daughters and sons of the One, we greet you,
We have sounded the souls and hearts of the inhabitants of your world, and we are delighted.
Indeed, the number of persons ready to let go of the old, iniquitous and obsolete structures and seek to join this dimension outside of time and space, is growing steadily.
The wave of true love that is spreading across your planet, beyond all outward appearances, is increasingly tangible.
We ask you to stay focused on what you want to see on the planet in transformation.
You’ll probably tell us that you want:
– A peaceful world where everyone has his place, regardless of their beliefs, habits or upbringing,
– A world where every species, whether human, animal, vegetable or mineral, can live in peace, according to its own way of life,
– A world where beings invisible to the physical eye, are recognized,
– A world where the subtle senses are finally revealed,
– A world of collaboration and mutual aid,
and much, much more…
Tell yourselves that these worlds are already here, but they will appear in a more concrete way, as soon as each of you makes them a reality within yourself.
Some of you fear the months ahead, and on an earthly level, you may have reasons for this.
But know that all this is just another illusion, that keeps you in the matrix layer that still surrounds your planet.
All you need to do, is think differently about your life, and this artificial world will change and explodes like a soap bubble. But don’t get us wrong: it’s not enough to think of a “better world”.
Let’s try to be clearer: Let each and every one of you, think about yourself and the world differently, not just in special moments of encounter or meditation, but on a daily basis, in the same way that until now you may have imagined yourselves weak or submissive or revolted or powerless.
In the same way that you react by judging and doubting yourself and others, the world and us.
What we’re asking you to do, today, is certainly a big step, but if we’re proposing it to you, it’s not only because it’s urgent, but above all because we know you’re totally capable of doing it.
In a way, we’re asking you to be totally present in the moment, without neglecting the changes necessary for a future life totally different from what you know today.
It’s no longer time to wonder about what might happen in your near future, it’s more than time to access that part of you that’s just waiting to spread its wings…
Living differently isn’t simply a matter of changing location or décor, or even job.
It can’t be a definition, but it’s about forgetting your anxieties, your fears, your personal considerations in order to open up an unlimited space within you, kept hidden by our brothers and sisters in the shadows.
Non-judgment, which is neither indifference, nor non-choice, is an essential factor in this change. We know you are capable of this, so believe in yourself more!
Know that we are always near you.
We love you and we salute you,
Les Solaires.

Anne Givaudan et Antoine Achram