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Anne Givaudan

Anne Givaudan is the author and the co-author of 25 books translated in eleven countries.
For many years (since 1979) she has been known for her experiences of out-of-body traveling and Essenes therapies that have allowed her to put astounding experiences at the disposal of the greater public.
Her books are teachings about the world of after-life, about main questions of our present lives and also life on other planets. She wishes that her discoveries and contacts will help each of us to find our true nature: multidimensional and limitless.

Antoine Achram

Antoine Achram, always in quest of a global approach that respects the patient while looking for the profound causes of the diseases, he has been practicing Essene care for several years, a method both ancient and revolutionary that he teaches in several countries with his spouse: Anne Givaudan.

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Anne Givaudan et Antoine Achram