The Galactics: so that you do not lose the way…

Brothers and Sisters of always, daughters and sons of the One, we greet you.
We are always by your side, but we wanted to make a brief statement today, so that you don’t lose your way.
Your land is boiling, this is not new, as to say. But a phase is approaching that you could call final, except that on the scale of planet Earth, some phases do not follow human time.
We don’t want to be hermetic, we just want you to know how essential your inner change is important for this mutation.
The Earth does not die, it transforms itself, and humans are called to do the same.
Don’t believe what you are told. Wars are not what you are invited to believe. They are humans who pay with their lives for the actions of those who govern your leaders.
Oil in one place, gold in another, enough to create conflicts and so many deaths.
Everything is done to raise anger and fear in you. Don’t fall into these traps, your efficiency would be terribly lowered.
When you pray or send Light, don’t do it for one or another, do it for the planet Earth, for all that lives on it or under it.
Go beyond what you think is good or bad.
Many wars are hidden from you, you really have no idea. The Native people know this well, when their territory is shrinking to accommodate tourists or that they have their land taken.
There are beings among us who have taken a role on earth in politics, in the economy, official or not, and their task is heavy. Do not judge, do not judge anything, your luminous presence is essential.
Be who you really are, without your masks, without your scales, don’t try to be anyone other than yourself. This is what we are asking you, today.
Act as only your presence, your smile, are bringing peace wherever you are, and wherever you go.
We love you and greet you.
The Galactics.

Anne Givaudan et Antoine Achram