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Certified therapists UK


• Antonello Brunetti

London UK
Tel: +447593693334
Website: www.pranavoice.com www.antonellobrunetti.it

"I have been practicing since 2014 motivated by the chance to be a channel and play my part in bringing more light, love and understanding to people’s lives.
Mentored by Anne and Antoine, I have been trained to understand how imbalances lead to disease, how healing can take place, and the many ways in which a person can be supported through this process.
I work as a therapist and teacher, with Essenian Healing and Auric Reading, Aromatherapy Massage and Remedies, Reflexology and Holistic Massage.
I am also a singer songwriter, using my healing voice in songs and Essenian healing therapies, working with vibrational healing sounds."
— Antonello.


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