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Le site de Anne Givaudan et le Dr Antoine Achram

Messages from Anne


The entities of the old world are losing their footing...

Message of the full Moon – August 12, 2022. Brothers and Sisters of Always, daughters and sons of the One, we greet you, We know how many of you are anxious, and fearful of the coming months, so we wanted to tell you this. More and more of you, are awakening the star seed that is still slumberi...[more]


The Galactics: "Everything is already played and nothing, nothing can stop love”

Brothers and Sisters forever, children of the Earth we greet you ! We know how much for many of you this period seems endless to you. You wonder when it's going to end, but you ignore that you have in you, the opportunity to stop this cosmic game. You are like children in front of a puppet th...[more]

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